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Instant Downloadable Home-Study Course:

The Road To Wealth
How to Generate a Lifetime of Unlimited Wealth

In this program I personally outline ALL of my secret money making strategies that my students and I are using to build massive amounts of wealth!

Build Your Real Estate Fortune:

The Robert Allen Money Power System

You get your own copy of this exclusive Real Estate course! Profit from the "perfect" investment. I've made millions doing this - Now you get the secrets of making RISK-FREE offers, finding "cash cows", and how to use "ultimate leverage"... Even includes copies of forms for you to use!

Special Report 1

"7 Strategies for Making a Fortune Online"

How to Get More Visitors to your Site Now
Learn the Secrets to Writing Great Emails

Become an Expert on Giving Your Website Visitors Instant Gratification.
Learn the Secrets of How the BIG WEB SITES Keep People Coming Back.

Special Report 2

"Nothing Down Real Estate Techniques"

50 NOTHING DOWN Techniques
How to Make the Banks Work for YOU
The Fundamentals of Leveraging Capital
How a Partners Money can Make YOU Money
Creative Financing Options that Work

Special Report 3 

"Zero to $1,000,000 on $49 a Month"

The 3 Things You Must Do
What the Big Secret Is.
How to Use All of Your Power
The Fundamentals of Finance
Where Do I Get the Money to start
How to Make Your Plan and Then Work It

Special Report 4

"How to Make $24,000 in 24 Hrs. on the Internet"

EXACTLY how I made $94,532.44 in 24 hours
How to Develop a Target Audience
How to Find Out what Your Audience Wants to Buy
How to Motivate Your Target Audience to ACT NOW
Getting Started - Your Action Plan
How to Find the Hungriest Fish in the Lake
How to Discover the Kind of Bait Your Fish will Bite On.


Order now and also receive MANY Bonuses like: Real Estate Spreadsheets, Mortgage Applications, Bankruptcy Guides and best of all, Ron LeGrand's famous guides.

Here is just a sample of what you will learn in Robert Allen's course about MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME:

Establishing Your Personal Wealth Building Foundation.

  • How it's possible to earn $100,000 to $250,000 a year for life.
  • How it's possible to retire early.
  • How others have grown their own money tree.
  • Profiting from 5 massive trends that will create many millionaires in the next century.

Building a Small or NOT so small Fortune on the Internet:

  • Double your Internet income and work less hours.
  • Secret strategies for getting people to your website.
  • The easiest products to sell on the Internet.
  • How it's possible to sell products on the Internet without buying or shipping them.
  • How others have had the Internet pay for their retirement.

Developing Multiple Streams of Income:

  • How it's possible to create your very own multi-million dollar opportunity from your kitchen table.
  • 6 powerful businesses you can start for less than a thousand dollars.
  • Create a money making machine that runs 24 Hours a day, 365 Days a Year without an office or employees.
  • How it's possible to create streams of income that, once established, require little or none of your personal attention.
  • The seven essential secrets for finding the most powerful home-based business.

Real Estate Strategies That Work:

  • How others have bought a house or condo, sold it for less than they paid and walked with a cash profit.
  • How it's possible to buy millions of dollars of Real Estate with none of your own money.
  • How it's possible to buy a home paying no interest.
  • How others live in million dollar mansions for the price of living in an ordinary house.

Developing Multiple Streams of Income:

  • How it's possible to become a millionaire selling information.
  • Make a thousand dollars a day selling "How To" information.
  • How it's possible to get total strangers to practically line up and hand you their money for your information product.
  • How others have made $20 a word just by sitting down to write.
  • The fastest way to turn an idea into cash.


"In my first-ever deal I'm acquiring a $5.7 million 91 unit apartment building for $4.25 million using none of my own money."

--Greg W., New York







"In the last 2 months we have made nearly $250,000 using the Robert Allen internet techniques."

--Olie V. & Andrei








Here’s some more of what you'll learn:

1. Creative Real Estate Investing: An unbelievable number of millionaires started their fortunes in Real Estate. I've sold more real estate books than any other author of all time.

2. Information marketing: Have you ever had a million-dollar idea, but never acted on it? Learn to sell your ideas for royalties… a hot millionaire-making trend.

3. Stock Investing: How do the wealthy take advantage of the amateur investors in the stock market? Learn to make consistent money regardless of what the stock market does.

4. Internet Enterprises: How I made $94,000 live on TV in 24 hours! What did I do that was different?

These are proven income-generating avenues that build wealth. Wealth comes from understanding the power of multiple streams of cash flow.


Order now and also receive MANY Bonuses like: Real Estate Spreadsheets, Mortgage Applications, Bankruptcy Guides and best of all, Ron LeGrand's famous guides.



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